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org::gjt::sp::jedit::textarea::StandaloneTextArea Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::gjt::sp::jedit::textarea::StandaloneTextArea:


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Detailed Description

jEdit's standalone text component.

Use this class to embed a jEdit text area into other applications.

Example: class MyTextArea extends StandaloneTextArea { static final Properties props = new Properties(); static IPropertyManager propertyManager;

static { props = new Properties(); load(props); propertyManager = new IPropertyManager() { public String getProperty() { return props.getProperty(); } } }

public MyTextArea() { super(propertyManager); } }

See jedit.props for properties that can be set.

Slava Pestov

John Gellene (API documentation)

StandaloneTextArea.java 16346 2009-10-14 10:35:10Z kpouer

Definition at line 101 of file StandaloneTextArea.java.

Public Member Functions

void addActionSet (JEditActionSet< JEditBeanShellAction > actionSet)
final void addCaretListener (CaretListener listener)
void addExplicitFold () throws TextAreaException
void addLeftOfScrollBar (Component comp)
JMenuItem addMenuItem (String action, String label)
void addNotify ()
final void addScrollListener (ScrollListener listener)
final void addStatusListener (StatusListener listener)
void addStructureMatcher (StructureMatcher matcher)
void addTopComponent (Component comp)
void addToSelection (Selection selection)
void addToSelection (Selection[] selection)
void backspace ()
void backspaceWord (boolean eatWhitespace)
void backspaceWord ()
final void blinkCaret ()
boolean caretAutoScroll ()
void centerCaret ()
void collapseFold (int line)
void collapseFold ()
void createPopupMenu (MouseEvent evt)
void delete ()
void deleteLine ()
void deleteParagraph ()
void deleteToEndOfLine ()
void deleteToStartOfLine ()
void deleteWord (boolean eatWhitespace)
void deleteWord ()
void dispose ()
void end (boolean select)
void expandFold (boolean fully)
void extendSelection (int offset, int end, int extraStartVirt, int extraEndVirt)
void extendSelection (int offset, int end)
void formatParagraph () throws TextAreaException
< JEditBeanShellAction,
< JEditBeanShellAction > > 
getActionContext ()
final JEditBuffer getBuffer ()
final int getBufferLength ()
int getCaretLine ()
int getCaretPosition ()
DisplayManager getDisplayManager ()
final int getElectricScroll ()
final int getFirstLine ()
final int getFirstPhysicalLine ()
boolean getFocusCycleRoot ()
boolean getFocusTraversalKeysEnabled ()
FoldPainter getFoldPainter ()
final Gutter getGutter ()
final int getHorizontalOffset ()
AbstractInputHandler getInputHandler ()
InputMethodRequests getInputMethodRequests ()
boolean getJoinNonWordChars ()
final int getLastPhysicalLine ()
int getLastScreenLine ()
final int getLineCount ()
int getLineEndOffset (int line)
int getLineLength (int line)
final int getLineOfOffset (int offset)
int getLineStartOffset (int line)
final void getLineText (int lineIndex, Segment segment)
final String getLineText (int lineIndex)
int getMagicCaretPosition ()
final int getMarkLine ()
final int getMarkPosition ()
final TextAreaPainter getPainter ()
int getPhysicalLineOfScreenLine (int screenLine)
String getProperty (String name)
final JPopupMenu getRightClickPopup ()
int getScreenLineEndOffset (int line)
int getScreenLineOfOffset (int offset)
int getScreenLineStartOffset (int line)
int[] getSelectedLines ()
String getSelectedText ()
String getSelectedText (String separator)
String getSelectedText (Selection s)
Selection getSelection (int index)
Selection[] getSelection ()
Selection getSelectionAtOffset (int offset)
int getSelectionCount ()
Iterator< SelectiongetSelectionIterator ()
StructureMatcher.Match getStructureMatch ()
String getText ()
final void getText (int start, int len, Segment segment)
final String getText (int start, int len)
final int getVisibleLines ()
void goToBufferEnd (boolean select)
void goToBufferStart (boolean select)
void goToEndOfCode (boolean select)
void goToEndOfLine (boolean select)
void goToEndOfWhiteSpace (boolean select)
void goToFirstVisibleLine (boolean select)
void goToLastVisibleLine (boolean select)
void goToMatchingBracket ()
void goToNextBracket (boolean select)
void goToNextCharacter (boolean select)
void goToNextFold (boolean select)
void goToNextLine (boolean select)
void goToNextPage (boolean select)
void goToNextParagraph (boolean select)
void goToNextWord (boolean select, boolean eatWhitespace)
void goToNextWord (boolean select)
void goToParentFold ()
void goToPrevBracket (boolean select)
void goToPrevCharacter (boolean select)
void goToPrevFold (boolean select)
void goToPrevLine (boolean select)
void goToPrevPage (boolean select)
void goToPrevParagraph (boolean select)
void goToPrevWord (boolean select, boolean eatWhitespace)
void goToPrevWord (boolean select)
void goToStartOfLine (boolean select)
void goToStartOfWhiteSpace (boolean select)
void handlePopupTrigger (MouseEvent evt)
void home (boolean select)
void indentSelectedLines ()
void initInputHandler ()
void insertEnterAndIndent ()
void insertTabAndIndent ()
void invalidateLine (int line)
void invalidateLineRange (int start, int end)
void invalidateScreenLineRange (int start, int end)
final void invertSelection ()
final boolean isCaretBlinkEnabled ()
boolean isCtrlForRectangularSelection ()
boolean isDragEnabled ()
boolean isDragInProgress ()
final boolean isEditable ()
final boolean isMultipleSelectionEnabled ()
final boolean isOverwriteEnabled ()
final boolean isQuickCopyEnabled ()
final boolean isRectangularSelectionEnabled ()
boolean isRightClickPopupEnabled ()
void joinLines ()
void lineComment ()
boolean lineInStructureScope (int line)
void moveCaretPosition (int newCaret, int scrollMode)
void moveCaretPosition (int newCaret, boolean doElectricScroll)
void moveCaretPosition (int newCaret)
void narrowToFold ()
void narrowToSelection ()
Point offsetToXY (int line, int offset, Point retVal)
Point offsetToXY (int line, int offset)
Point offsetToXY (int offset)
void processKeyEvent (KeyEvent evt)
void propertiesChanged ()
void rangeComment ()
final void removeCaretListener (CaretListener listener)
void removeFromSelection (int offset)
void removeFromSelection (Selection sel)
void removeLeftOfScrollBar (Component comp)
void removeNotify ()
final void removeScrollListener (ScrollListener listener)
final void removeStatusListener (StatusListener listener)
void removeStructureMatcher (StructureMatcher matcher)
void removeTopComponent (Component comp)
void removeTrailingWhiteSpace ()
int replaceSelection (String selectedText)
void resizeSelection (int offset, int end, int extraEndVirt, boolean rect)
void scrollAndCenterCaret ()
void scrollDownLine ()
void scrollDownPage ()
void scrollTo (int line, int offset, boolean doElectricScroll)
void scrollTo (int offset, boolean doElectricScroll)
void scrollToCaret (boolean doElectricScroll)
void scrollUpLine ()
void scrollUpPage ()
final void selectAll ()
void selectBlock ()
void selectFold (int line)
void selectFold ()
void selectLine ()
void selectNone ()
void selectParagraph ()
void selectToMatchingBracket ()
Selection selectToMatchingBracket (int position, boolean quickCopy)
void selectWord ()
void setBuffer (JEditBuffer buffer)
void setCaretBlinkEnabled (boolean caretBlinks)
void setCaretPosition (int newCaret, boolean doElectricScroll)
void setCaretPosition (int newCaret)
void setCtrlForRectangularSelection (boolean ctrlForRectangularSelection)
void setDragEnabled (boolean dndEnabled)
void setDragInProgress (boolean dndInProgress)
final void setElectricScroll (int electricScroll)
void setFirstLine (int firstLine)
void setFirstPhysicalLine (int physFirstLine, int skew)
void setFirstPhysicalLine (int physFirstLine)
void setHorizontalOffset (int horizontalOffset)
void setJoinNonWordChars (boolean joinNonWordChars)
void setMagicCaretPosition (int magicCaret)
void setMouseHandler (MouseInputAdapter mouseInputAdapter)
final void setMultipleSelectionEnabled (boolean multi)
final void setOverwriteEnabled (boolean overwrite)
final void setQuickCopyEnabled (boolean quickCopy)
final void setRectangularSelectionEnabled (boolean rectangularSelectionMode)
final void setRightClickPopup (JPopupMenu popup)
void setRightClickPopupEnabled (boolean popupEnabled)
void setSelectedText (String selectedText, boolean moveCaret)
void setSelectedText (String selectedText)
void setSelectedText (Selection s, String selectedText)
void setSelection (Selection selection)
void setSelection (Selection[] selection)
void setText (String text)
void setTransferHandler (TransferHandler newHandler)
void shiftIndentLeft ()
void shiftIndentRight ()
void showPopupMenu ()
void smartEnd (boolean select)
void smartHome (boolean select)
void spacesToTabs ()
 StandaloneTextArea (IPropertyManager propertyManager)
void tabsToSpaces ()
final void toggleMultipleSelectionEnabled ()
final void toggleOverwriteEnabled ()
final void toggleRectangularSelectionEnabled ()
void toLowerCase ()
String toString ()
void toUpperCase ()
void userInput (char ch)
int xToScreenLineOffset (int screenLine, int x, boolean round)
int xyToOffset (int x, int y, boolean round)
int xyToOffset (int x, int y)

Static Public Member Functions

static StandaloneTextArea createTextArea ()
static void main (String[] args)

Static Public Attributes

static final int ELECTRIC_SCROLL = 2
static final int NO_SCROLL = 0
static final int NORMAL_SCROLL = 1

Protected Member Functions

int addExplicitFold (int caretStart, int caretEnd, int lineStart, int lineEnd)
boolean doWordWrap (boolean spaceInserted)
void insert (String str, boolean indent)
void userInputTab ()

Protected Attributes

JEditBuffer buffer
int caret
int caretLine
Cursor hiddenCursor
InputHandlerProvider inputHandlerProvider
boolean multi
final TextAreaPainter painter
JPopupMenu popup

Package Functions

void _finishCaretUpdate ()
void fireNarrowActive ()
void foldStructureChanged ()
void invalidateStructureMatch ()
final boolean isCaretVisible ()
final boolean isStructureHighlightVisible ()
void recalculateLastPhysicalLine ()
void recalculateVisibleLines ()
void startDragAndDrop (InputEvent evt, boolean copy)
void updateMaxHorizontalScrollWidth ()
void updateScrollBar ()

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Package Attributes

boolean blink
boolean bufferChanging
int charWidth
final ChunkCache chunkCache
DisplayManager displayManager
boolean hardWrap
boolean lastLinePartial
final Segment lineSegment = new Segment()
int maxHorizontalScrollWidth
int maxLineLen
MouseInputAdapter mouseHandler
final Point offsetXY
boolean scrollBarsInitialized
final SelectionManager selectionManager
boolean softWrap
float tabSize
String wrap
int wrapMargin
boolean wrapToWidth

Static Package Attributes

static TextArea focusedComponent

Private Member Functions

boolean getBooleanProperty (String name, boolean def)
boolean getBooleanProperty (String name)
Color getColorProperty (String name, Color def)
Color getColorProperty (String name)
Font getFontProperty (String name, Font def)
Font getFontProperty (String name)
int getIntegerProperty (String name, int def)
int getIntegerProperty (String name)
void initBuffer ()
void initGutter ()
void initPainter ()
void initTextArea ()

Static Private Member Functions

static Properties loadProperties (String fileName)

Private Attributes

final IPropertyManager propertyManager


class  StandaloneActionSet

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